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Business Analytics

You can manage only what you can measure. This statement also remains true in this age of social media. The opportunities that arise from the linking of real-time computing and business analytics are numerous. In many places, companies are still only beginning to explore business analytics. Comitando Management Consulting assists its clients in the area of classic business analysis (data warehouse management) and to integrate new technologies (e.g. search engine marketing). New technologies offer innovative opportunities for different usage not only in marketing but also in repair and service management.

Process Model

Starting with the specific requirements of the customer, a concise key performance indicator (KPI) set is developed. The fundamental aspect of this phase is securing a direct relationship between the control data and the means of control. Industry-specific best practices are available to support the client. Based on these results the available data sources are checked and, if applicable, extensions are proposed. Transmission to the data warehouse is carried out by extractors; however, attention must be paid to the chronological sequence of the extraction. The key performance indicators are displayed in a role-specific data cockpit that is adapted to the specific needs, tasks and authorizations of the user.

Data Quality

An important element and basic prerequisite for successful business analysis is the quality of the original data. The service offered by Comitando Management Consulting consists of a quantitative evaluation of the data quality and developing precise measures to improve data quality.