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Business & IT Transformation

New market requirements require a permanent re-evaluation of the business model. New technologies and new forms of social behavior such as social media threaten old business models and at the same time open up new opportunities. Comitando Management Consulting supports the client in the required change processes, both at the business level and at the IT level. Based on the business processes, the requirements are analyzed and alternative methods in the form of scenario analyses are developed. What is important here is the quantitative analysis of all alternatives based on an elaborated key performance indicators. Comitando Management Consulting not only helps the client to define the target vision but also supports its efficient and timely implementation within the target platform. To do this, best-practice approaches for the change management process from the "as-is" to the "to-be" status are available.

In the area of IT organization and IT services in particular, new technologies like virtualization and cloud computing offer new opportunities to enhance the client's own ability to compete. Comitando Management Consulting provides support both in selecting appropriate contractors and in defining relevant interfaces (SLA).