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Technology consulting

Comitando Management Consulting has extensive market insight in the technology sector. Special areas of interest are mobile payment, virtualization/cloud computing, and in-memory computing.

Virtualization / Cloud Computing:

Regardless of whether the client operates its own IT center or its IT operations are outsourced to an external provider, IT virtualization forms the next level in the set-up of a computing center. In doing so, it is important to design transparent monitoring and logging function. In addition, licensing aspects need to be taken into account if software is operated on a virtual platform.

Mobile Payment:

Mobile payment extends the existing sales processes. On the one hand, it enhances the customer's flexibility. On the other hand, new players enter the scene: agents, banks, mobile telephony companies, service provider and others. This complex situation is added to by technical requirements resulting from integration into the existing application landscape. Comitando Management Consulting supports the client in selecting appropriate technology, evaluating security aspects and integrating it into the client's own business processes.

In-Memory Computing:

In-memory computing is a new technology developed by SAP to improve data access time in business intelligence. It is possible to process large amounts of data in (near) real-time. For this purpose, the data is stored in the server's main memory. This opens up new opportunities for responding to customer requirements and for offering an optimized range of products and services.